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111 002 km²

7 245 677 (2014)

GDP (Billion euro)
39,94 billion euro (2013)


Producers (packers/fillers) or importers of packaged goods

All materials/products used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods from the producer to the end-user and consumer.  This includes sales/primary, grouped/secondary, and transport/tertiary packaging (cfr. definition in Directive 2004/12/EC)

All materials (namely paper/cardboard, glass, plastic, metals, composites, wood and other materials)

Overall recovery target (by weigth): 60%
Overall recycling target (by weigth): 55% with specific recycling target for paper/cardboard (60%), plastic (22,5%), metal (50%), wood (15%) & glass (60%).

Not mandatory.

Not mandatory.
Members of a collective recovery organization must mark their packaging with that organization’s trademark so as to demonstrate that it is covered by that system.  EcoPack Bulgaria AD uses the Green Dot symbol, and the other five approved recovery organizations have their own symbols.

  • Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water

    22 Maria Louiza Blvd. - Sofia, 1000 (Bulgaria)
    Phone: +32 2 456 83 10 - Fax: +32 2 456 83 20
    Website: www.moew.government.bg

Part Legislation and specific items

According to the legal framework, every producer or importer whose products are sold in packaging is required to contribute to or provide for achievement of these recycling and recovery targets. The producers or the importers of the packed goods have the possibility to undertake their responsibilities in two ways:

  1. individually, through the establishment of take back or deposit systems for used packaging in the place of sale of the respective products or
  2. collectively, by transferring their responsibility for the achievement of recycling and recovery targets to an approved by the competent authorities Compliance Scheme (Accredited / Recovery Organization).

Product taxes on packaging put on the market in Bulgaria have been introduced since March 2004. The product taxes are defined in BGN (Bulgarian Lev) per kilogram of packaging material and are due by producers and importers of packed goods on Bulgarian market. The producers or importers of packaged goods are exempted from this obligation once they receive an approval to achieve the recycling targets individually or sign a contract with an accredited organization. The payment of product tax actually presents a third possibility for the producers and importers of packed goods in case that they do not achieve the recycling and recovery targets individually or through collective scheme.

The accredited organizations (or recovery organizations) are responsible for the organization of separate collection system and for the achievement of packaging waste recycling and recovery targets on behalf of the producers and importers of packed goods against payment of remuneration (fee). In the implementation of these duties the accredited organizations interact with various stakeholders such as producers and importers of packed goods, state and local authorities, waste management companies, recycling plants and citizens using the separate waste collection services.

The licensed accredited organizations account together for about 85% of the Bulgarian packaged goods market.

  • To reach the recovery and recycling targets for its members
  • To report its results regarding recovery and recycling, to the authorities
  • To develop collection and sorting systems in cooperation with the municipalities which are responsible for HH waste management
  • To collect the licence fees from packers/fillers and importers
  • To finance the cost of collection, sorting and recycling of HH packaging waste (sales revenues of the sorted waste are paid back to the accredited organization)
  • To stimulate the selective collection and recycling of HH packaging waste through communication campaigns.
  • Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste (adopted with CM Decree 271/202012, promulgated in State Gazette 85/06.11.2012)
  • The National Waste Management Programme for 2009-2013
  • Waste Management Act (promulgated, SG, issue 86 from 13.07.12)
  • EUROPEN March 2012 - European and National Legislation on Packaging and the Environment
  • Websites accredited organizations
  • Website Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water: www.moew.government.bg

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