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16,503 billion euro (2013)

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Responsible Organizations are by law considered:

  • Companies that produce and package goods or work with a third party to package them on their behalf (with a neutral packaging or under private label), with the aim to trade them on the Cypriot market,
  • Companies that import packaged goods with the aim to trade them on the Cypriot market,
  • Companies that import packaged goods with the aim to use them for their own use (raw materials, spare parts and equipment, etc.),
  • Companies that use service packaging, either without label (brand) or with their private label. This kind of packaging is used at the point where the service or product is offered to the consumers or the users, in connection with the provision of goods or services. Within this category we have for example, gift or other wrapping paper, paper or other bread bags, pizza boxes, shopping bags (or carrier bags), bags or other packaging given for free at exhibitions and other shows, etc.
  • Companies that offer for free packaged goods as a promotion or as samples.

This responsibility is only valid for products that were placed on the Cypriot market (no exports nor re-exports). In any case, the organization that places first the products on the market (who has first produced or first imported and placed them in Cyprus) is the responsible organisation.

All materials/products used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods from the producer to the end-user and consumer.  This includes sales/primary, grouped/secondary, and transport/tertiary packaging (cfr. definition in Directive 2004/12/EC)

A household packaging is the packaging that ends up at houses, offices and other premises of the consumers. T&I Packaging is the packaging that remains in the factories and the warehouses of the companies and the courtyards of the shops and other distributors.

All material mainly paper/cardboard, drink carton, plastic (PET, HDPE,…), glass, steel, aluminium, wood and others (recoverable or not).

Overall recovery target: 60%
Overall recycling target: 55% with specific recycling target for cardboard (60%), plastic (22% taking into consideration that it is recycled again into plastic), metal (50%), wood (15%) & glass (60%)

Not mandatory

The labeling of primary packaging with the Mark of the Collective System (green dot), is compulsory under the Cyprus legislation. Green Dot Cyprus holds the exclusive licence to use the Green Dot symbol in Cyprus.

Part Legislation and specific items

Since April 2002 the Packaging and Packaging Waste Law (L32(I)/2002) has been voted and is in force. The important new principle that the Law introduces is the “Producer's Responsibility” principle. On the basis of this principle, any manufacturer or importer of products that places packaging in the market is responsible for their recovery in the percentages stipulated by the Law. Organizations that place over 2 tons of total packaging on the market are obliged to:

  • Recover/recycle at least a defined percentage of the total weight of the packaging waste that they place on the market,
  • Inform the Environment Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment on the quantities of packaging they place on the market per packaging material and the recovery and recycling rate they have achieved.

Organizations that place less than 2 tons of packaging in total in the market are obliged to inform the Environment Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment of the quantity of packaging they place in the market per packaging material, but they are not obliged to recover and recycle them. They therefore only have a reporting obligation.

A company that place more than 2 tons of packaging in total in the market may choose to contribute to the Collective Packaging Management System or choose to fulfill its responsibility through an Individual Packaging Management System based on a return or deposit scheme.

Companies that choose to develop an individual government-authorize packaging management system have therefore to:

  • Prove to the state that it applies a return or deposit system to recover its own or part of its own packaging
  • Provide to the competent authority information regarding the description of the system that it is in place in relation to the targets and methods, the technique and financial structure of the system and the details of the operations in order to ascertain its ability to comply with the laws.
  • Pay an approval fee which amount corresponds to the administrative cost of the examination of its application from by the competent authorities.
  • Prove that the recyclable material collected ends up for recycling according to the requirements of the Law.
  • Draw up a detailed list with all packaging for which the company is responsible and contact all its customers in order to verify what they do with the packaging as soon as its products are used. The company has to collect and recover the packaging waste either directly or through an accredited collection/recovery company.
  • Secure that the recovery and recycling percentages defined by in the law are annually reached.


  • Pending a comprehensive constitutional settlement, EU law does not yet apply to the northern part of the island.
  • According to the legislation, the collective systems’ fee structure has to reward lightweight packaging (lower weight per product unit) while avoiding penalizing heavier one if the packaging has a higher proportion of recycled content.

Green Dot Cyprus

  • Green Dot Cyprus is a non-for-profit organization representing the parties responsible for packaging,
  • Green Dot Cyprus submits a detailed business plan to the competent authorities and it is licensed for a six-year period,
  • Green Dot Cyprus covers both HH and T&I Packaging.
  • Green Dot Cyprus undertakes a collective obligation on the total weight of packaging that its members place on the market,
  • Green Dot Cyprus develops, on behalf of its members, collective and big scale actions in order to achieve the recovery and recycling goals,
  • Green Dot Cyprus collects the licence fees from packers/fillers and importers according to the weights and the types of packaging placed on the market.

The Waste Act of 2011
The Packaging and Packaging Waste Act N. 32 (I)/2002 + amendments
Website Green Dot Cyprus:
EUROPEN - European and National Legislation on Packaging and the Environment (2012)

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