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Producers, importers and retailers placing packaging or packaged goods on the market
They are exempted from the take-back, recovery and registration requirements if they place less than 300 kg packaging on the market each year, and if their annual turnover does not exceed 4.5 million Czech koruna per year.


Any material of any nature to be used for the containment of a single product or a certain number of products or for the protection or fixation of products or for the handling of products or for facilitating the handling thereof or for placing products into circulation or for the delivery thereof to the consumer) or for the presentation, display or offer of products to the consumer where the packaging is also intended for:

  1. the immediate protection of an individual product or group of products which constitutes an inseparable part of an offer to the consumer at the point of purchase (hereinafter referred to as a 'sales unit') and for the sale of this sales unit (hereinafter referred to as 'consumer packaging'); or
  2. the grouping of a certain number of sales units at the point of purchase irrespective of whether it serves for the sale of the grouping to the consumer in this form or whether it serves as a means to replenish the products on offer at the point of purchase, and can be removed from the product without affecting its characteristics (hereinafter referred to as 'grouped packaging'); or
  3. facilitating the handling of sales units or grouped packaging or for facilitating the transportation thereof in order to prevent physical handling of sales units or grouped packaging and to prevent damage thereto during transport (hereinafter referred to as 'transport packaging').

All material (namely plastics, metal, paper/cardboard, aluminium, glass, wood and composites)

Overall recovery target (by weight): 60%
Overall recycling target (by weight): 55% with specific recycling target for paper/cardboard (70%), plastic (27%), metal (50%), wood (15%) & glass (70%)
Specific targets for consumer packaging: 43% recovery and 38% recycling

Not mandatory

Not mandatory
EKO-KOM holds the exclusive licence to use the Green Dot symbol in Czech Republic. All clients of EKO-KOM system are entitled to use the green dot on their packaging

Part Legislation and specific items

Producers and importers placing packaging or packaged goods on the market are required to guarantee take-back by providing an adequate number of collection points and suitable access to them, taking into consideration the local conditions, the population size and the recovery / recycling targets which have to be met.

Producers and importers may fulfil these obligations themselves, transfer them to another entity (cfr. Contract on Transfer of Ownership) or contract with an accredited packaging company (EKO‑KOM, a.s).
Self-compliers are requested to register to the Ministry of Environment (List of Persons), keep regular records on packaging and packaging waste (at least for 5 years), report packaging data to the Ministry of Environment and demonstrate the accuracy of data. A yearly registration fee is charged for registration on the list.

T&I (Commercial) packaging is subject to the recycling obligation, but not to the so called take-back obligation. EKO-KOM does not organize nor pay for the collection of commercial packaging waste. This means that the business operations in which packaging waste arise have to cover the cost of collection but are free to choose their waste collector. EKO-KOM contracts with waste collectors (waste management companies) and covers treatment costs in order to ensure the proper treatment of the collected packaging waste.

Refillable beverage containers
The Packaging Act allows the Government to specify products or types of packaging on which deposits must be charged. An implementing regulation lists six types of refillable bottle on which a standard deposit must be charged. The Packaging Act also says that distributors of beverages in non-deposit containers have also to offer the same beverages in deposit-bearing returnable containers. There is an exemption from this requirement  for shops with a sales area smaller than 200 square meters.

The high price of products in returnable glass bottles and the absence of preference on part of the consumers is the main barrier to growth of this packaging type. Beverage manufacturers are faced with increasing pressure from retail chains to lower the unit price.  This negatively affects usage of returnables as the deposit system increases the final price when being purchased.

EKO-KOM, a.s.

  • To reach the recovery and recycling targets for its members
  • To report its results regarding recovery and recycling, to the authorities
  • To collect the licence fees from packers/fillers and importers
  • To finance the full cost of collection, sorting and treatment of HH packaging waste (municipalities are responsible for the management of HH waste)
  • To finance the treatment cost of T&I packaging waste
  • To stimulate the selective collection and recycling of HH packaging waste through communication campaigns (EKO-KOM is required to address at least 90% of the population and 15% of school pupils).
  • To support its members in their efforts to reduce the quantities of packaging they use.


  • Act No. 477/2001 COLL. on Packaging
  • Decree No. 116/2002 Coll. on marking returnable packaging
  • Decree No. 641/2004 Coll. on the scope and manner of keeping records of packaging and reporting the data from these records
  • Government order No. 111/2002 Coll. specifying the amount of the deposit on selected types of returnable packaging
  • Appendices - Decree No.. 641/2004 COLL.
  • Website Eko-Kom:
  • Bio Intelligence Service: Case study on the packing waste stream in Czech Republic
  • EUROPEN: March 2012 - European and National Legislation on Packaging and the Environment
  • Euromonitor International:

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