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There is no extended producer responsibility anymore in Hungary
No accredited organization

The extended producer responsibility has been replaced in 2012 by the payment of product charge by the emitters of packaging material. The obliged company in the first instance is the emitter of the packaging material (domestic packaging production). However the obligation can be transferred to the emitter of the packaged product.

All materials/products used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods from the producer to the end-user and consumer.  This includes sales/primary, grouped/secondary, and transport/tertiary packaging (cfr. definition in Directive 2004/12/EC)

All material (namely plastics (including plastic bags), metals, beverage cartons, other composites, paper/cardboard, aluminium, glass and wood)

Overall recovery target (by weight): 60%
Overall recycling target (by weight): 55% with specific recycling target for paper/cardboard (60%), plastic (22,5%), metal (50%), wood (15%) & glass (60%).
The Directive’s recovery and recycling targets had to be met in 2012.

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ÖKO-Pannon holds the exclusive licence to use the Green Dot symbol in Hungary.

  • Országos Hulladékgazdálkodási Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft.(OHÜ Nonprofit Kft.)

    National Waste Management Agency Nonprofit Ltd (NWMA Nonprofit Ltd)
    Kossuth Lajos square 11- 1055 Budapest (Hungary)

Part Legislation and specific items

The Government Decree 94/2002 on Packaging and Packaging Waste management, amended by Decree 37/2006, required producers and importers (emitters of the packaged product) to fulfil take-back, recovery and recycling obligations through individual compliance, joint action with other producers or through a recovery organization. This producer responsibility scheme has been abolished in 2012 by the Act LXXXV of 2011 on the Environmental Product Charge which introduced the payment of a product charge (tax) to an independent government organ (the National Tax and Customs Administration / NTCA). The producer of the packaging material pays the product charge if the packaging has been produced in Hungary; the packer/filler pays if he imports packaging from abroad to be filled in Hungary; and the importer pays for imported packaged goods. Companies that manage their own packaging waste pay a lower product charge. In some cases and under some special conditions, it is still possible to individually comply with the environmental obligations (at lower product charge). There is no exemption from paying the product charge.

For more information about this product charge, please take contact with the National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA): Széchenyi u. 2 - 1054 Budapest – Phone: +36 1 428 5100 - Website:

The National Waste Management Agency (NWMA) receives financial support from NTCA (up to 50% of the product charge)  to fulfill its roles and perform its activities

Green Dot - ÖKO-Pannon (
Until December 2011, producers and importers had the possibility to delegate their obligations to Öko-Pannon or one of its competitors. Since 1 January 2012 this is not possible anymore. The legislation on environmental product charge has been adopted and the role of the recovery organizations has been taken over by OHÜ Nonprofit Kft. Since 1 January 2012, ÖKO-Pannon offers new services (cfr. Consultancy service on compliance with the new environmental law related to packaging). ÖKO-Pannon still provides the legal usage of Green Dot trademark for producers, importers and retailers.

Refillable beverage containers and other reusable Packaging:
In case of packaging manufactured in Hungary, there is no product charge to pay on reusable components as long as the first distributor of the packaging material can prove that more than 75 % of the material is reused. A statement to this effect must be provided to the party responsible for packaging that would otherwise pay the product charge.


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  • Wesbite ÖKO-Pannon:
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