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All producers including materials manufacturers, converters, brand holders / importers, distributors / wholesalers and retailers using packaging.

All materials/products used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods from the producer to the end-user and consumer.  This includes sales/primary, grouped/secondary, and transport/tertiary packaging (cfr. definition in Directive 2004/12/EC)

All materials (mainly paper/cardboard, plastic, steel, aluminium, glass, wood and composite).

Overall recovery target: 76%
Overall recycling target: 63% with specific recycling target for cardboard (69,5%), plastic (42%), steel (73%), aluminium (46%), glass (81%) and wood (22%)

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Repak is licensed to use the Green Dot symbol.

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Part Legislation and specific items

Since 1997 Irish legislation has implemented a producer responsibility for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste on those who handle packaging at any stage of the supply chain.

In Ireland, producers are not themselves confronted with targets for recycling and recovery. Rather, their obligations relate more to their own waste management obligations for their own back door waste and its reporting.

  • All producers must segregate the packaging waste arising on their own premises into specified waste streams and have it collected by authorized operators for recycling.  It refers to waste arising from secondary and tertiary packaging which is received by a producer but is not thereafter used in the supply of own products.
  • Producers are obliged to provide information to the distributors to whom they supply packaging to in relation to the weight of the packaging they have supplied.
  • They are also obliged to work with authorized recovery operators for the collection and recovery of packaging waste.

Nevertheless, additional obligations are imposed to producers who exceed specific criteria and who are subsequently considered as Major Producers. A Major Producer is a producer whose turnover is greater than €1 million (excluding trade discounts and VAT) and who supplies 10 tonnes or more of packaging material or packaging on the Irish market (packaging destined for reuse or export is not taken into account).

They are two options available to Major Producers to satisfy the enforcing body (Competent Local Authority) of their compliance with the regulations. These are to:

  • Self-comply by registering with the local authority or
  • Join the single National Compliance Scheme – Repak Ltd.

Self-compliant Major Producers have responsibilities for the recovery of packaging waste from their customers (including the provision of segregated receptacles on their premises for the acceptance of packaging waste), meeting prescribed targets, on-site signage, public advertising, data reporting and registration with local authorities.

Self-compliant Major Producers cannot purchase packaging waste from other major producers in order to fulfil their obligations.

Repak fees are directly related to the quantity and types of packaging supplied by members on the Irish market and are based on the principle of ‘shared responsibility’ to ensure that the cost of recovery and recycling is fairly spread across the supply chain. Manufacturer, converter, brand holder, importer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer pay a flat participation fee and/or a material specific fee.

Non-Major Producer can also join Repak by confirming that they place less than 10 tonnes of packaging onto the Irish market in a calendar year and have an annual turnover lower than €1million, by filling out an Application Form and Auditor’s Declaration for the relevant years, along with the payment of a Membership fee. 


  • To take over the legal responsibility / obligations of its members in respect of producer responsibility obligations
  • To reach the National recovery and recycling targets as set by its approval licence.
  • To report its results regarding recovery and recycling to the authorities.
  • To collect the licence fees (including green dot) from their members.
  • To give member companies (incl. Non-Major Producers) a Certificate of Compliance,  that demonstrates their compliance
  • To work in partnership with Repak’s waste packaging Recovery Operators contractors to ensure the collections, recovery and recycling of Irish packaging waste arising.
  • Title to the waste packaging tonnage collected for recovery and recycling is with the company’s contractors
  • To stimulate the optimum recovery and recycling of packaging waste through communication campaigns towards consumers and businesses.
  • To support Irish businesses in their efforts to reduce the quantities of packaging they use and to promote their achievements to a wider audience.
  • To help drive and support the National Waste Prevention Programme
  • To collect data from waste operators (including local authorities) on packaging recycled and recovered, and to audit waste operators.
  • To finance the cost of collection, sorting and recycling of packaging waste.

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