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312 679 km2

38 495 659 (2014) 

GDP (Billion euro)
389,695 billion EUR (2013)

  • Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. (Rekopol)

    ul. Mangalia 4 -  02-758 Warsaw (Poland)
    Phone: +48 22 436 78 30 - Fax: +48 22 436 78 34
    E-mail: rekopol@rekopol.pl - Website: www.rekopol.eu

  • Polski System Recyklingu (PSR)

    ul. Modlińska 225C, 03-120 Warsaw (Poland)
    Phone: +48 22 519 41 41
    E-mail: biuro@psr.pl - Website: www.psr.pl

  • KOBA Organizacja Odzysku S.A. (KOBA)

    ul. Jasnogórska - 131-358 Kraków (Poland)
    Phone: +48 12 626 28 14
    E-mail: koba@koba.com.pl - Website: www.koba.com.pl

  • Biuro Programu REKARTON

    Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza „Przemysł Spożywczy"
    Al. Wilanowska 97E - 02-765 Warsaw (Poland)
    Phone: +48 22 742 10 47
    E-mail: wladyslaw.janikowski@rekarton.pl - Website: www.rekarton.pl

  • Biosystem

    ul. Water 4 - 30-556 Krakow (Poland)
    Phone: +48 12 296 66 25 Fax: +48 12 296 66 24
    E-mail: biuro@biosystem.pl - Website: www.biosystem.pl

  • Ekopunkt

    ul. Profession 16 - 02-981 Warsaw (Poland)
    Phone: +48 22 593 04 30 - Fax. +48 22 593 04 35
    E-mail: info@eko-punkt.pl - Website: www.eko-punkt.pl

  • Branżowa Organizacja Odzysku

    ul. Przemysłowa 27, 33-100 Tarnów
    Phone: +48 14 628 34 82 - Fax: +48 14 628 34 82
    E-mail: info@boosa.pl - Website: www.boosa.pl

More than 40 packaging recovery organizations have been registered in Poland, but relatively few are active. Only the most representative organizations are listed in our presentation.

Manufacturers, packers/fillers and importers of packaged goods brought on the Polish market (>1.000 kg of packaging (HH + T&I) put annually on the Polish market)

Any materials/products used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods from the producer to the end-user and consumer.  This includes sales/primary, grouped/secondary, and transport/tertiary packaging (cfr. definition in Directive 2004/12/EC)

All material (mainly cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminium and steel, wood,…)

Overall recovery target: 61%
Overall recycling target: 56% with specific recycling target for cardboard (61%), plastic (23,5%), aluminium and steel (51%), wood (16%) & glass (61%)

Not mandatory

Not mandatory
Rekopol has the licence to use the on-pack Green Dot symbol. Fillers contracting with a competitor organization for fulfilment of their recovery and recycling obligations can still buy a licence from Rekopol to use of the Green Dot.

Part Legislation and specific items

Manufacturers, packers/fillers and importers of packaged goods are responsible for meeting the recovery and recycling targets. They can fulfil their obligations themselves individually (self-compliers) or by cooperation with recovery organization appointed to this end that will perform the recovery and recycling activities on packaging waste.

Manufacturers, packers/fillers and importers of packaged goods who fail to meet the obligation required in legal provisions, i.e. do not achieve the recycling and recovery targets as required, are obliged to pay the product charge calculated as a difference between the required and the factually achieved recycling and recovery target levels.

Self-compliers and recovery organizations are also obliged to submit to the Marshall Office (local authorities) their annual reports including qualitative and quantitative information on the mass of packaging of products placed on the market, the packaging waste and other waste transferred to recovery and recycling processes, the recovery and recycling levels achieved, and the product charges incurred.

The retailers managing shops with a commercial space above 2000 m2 have to manage, on their own cost, the selective collection of packaging waste which contained products they have available in their trade offer and sold.
Moreover, the retailers should take back reusable packaging in exchange of products in the same packaging, as they have available in their trade offer.

Since 1/1/2014, the new Packaging and Waste Packaging Management Act has implemented an exemption from the obligation to register and to achieve the required levels of recovery and recycling for packaging waste for businesses introducing packaging onto the Polish market with a total weight of 1.000 kg or less per year.

The new Packaging and Waste Packaging Management Act also implemented a requirement for all businesses which are marketing packaged products, to finance public education campaigns in an amount equal to 2% at least of the net value of the packaging introduced onto the market in the preceding calendar year. A company may be released from this obligation and transfer it to recovery organisation or by paying the same amount to the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management. Recovery organisations must spend at least 5% of their fee income on public communications campaigns in order to be approved.

Finally, the new Packaging and Waste Packaging Management Act prohibited the use of recovery organizations to meet recovery requirements in the case of businesses marketing products in mixed-material packaging or hazardous substances in packaging. Such entities must operate their own system for collection and recovery of such packaging, or through an industry self-regulatory group, in agreement with the marshal of the province.

  • To reach the recovery and recycling targets for its members
  • To report its results regarding recovery and recycling, to the local authorities
  • To develop collection and sorting systems
  • To collect the licence fees from packers/fillers and importers
  • To finance the cost of collection, sorting and recycling of HH packaging waste
  • To stimulate the selective collection and recycling of HH packaging waste through communication campaigns towards consumers (B2C).
  • To work with recycling companies in the management of packaging waste from industry
  • To support its members in their efforts to reduce the quantities of HH packaging they use.

Act of June 13, 2013 regarding of packaging and packaging waste management that came into force on 1 January 2014.
Website Ministry of Environment: www.mos.gov.pl
Websites accredited organisations
EUROPEN - European and National Legislation on Packaging and the Environment (March 2012).

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