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19 942 642 (2014)

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142,245 billion euro (2013)

Fillers, importers of packaged goods and producers of service packaging

All products made of any materials of any nature to be used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods, from raw materials to processed goods, from the producer to the user or the consumer. This includes sales/primary, grouped/secondary, and transport/tertiary packaging (cfr. definition in Directive 94/62/EC).

Glass, plastics, paper/cardboard, steel, aluminium and wood

2013 targets: Overall recovery target (by weight): 60%
Overall recycling target (by weight): 55% with specific recycling target for paper/cardboard (60%), plastic (22,5%), metal (50%), wood (15%) & glass (60%).
By the end of 2011, wood packaging may be excluded from calculation of the overall recycling target provided at least 60% of the wood is recovered and at least 15% is recycled.
There are also separate targets for aluminium (21% in 2012) and PET (55% in 2012).

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Part Legislation and specific items

Responsibilities and Obligations
Producers (packers/fillers) and importers of packaged goods (including brand holders and purchases for own use) are responsible for the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging used for their products.
Companies who pack products for resale (redistribution) are responsible for the waste generated by the secondary and tertiary packaging they put on the national market.
Companies who rent packaging will be soon responsible for the packaging waste generated by their rental activities. They will be responsible for the rented reusable packaging (like crates, pallets) they have to declare the first time they are put on the market. (This provision can’t be found yet in the Romanian legislation, but it is foreseen in the new draft law).
Importers and manufacturers are responsible for the service packaging.

Parties responsible are obliged to reach the recycling and recovery targets
Companies with recovery and recycling obligations have to pay the additional costs related to the selective collection and have to guarantee the recycling of the collected material.
Companies may fulfil their recovery and recycling obligations by contracting out to specialized companies authorized by Ministry of Environment or through individual compliance scheme

Compliance organizations
Under Romanian law, all recovery organizations have to cover the household as well as the commercial and industrial sectors.

Other obligations
Local authorities have to ensure the selective collection of municipal packaging waste.

Packaging taxes and levies
A tax of 2 lei per kg, levied on producers and importers, is payable if the recovery and recycling targets are not met. There is a tax of 0,1 lei per plastic shopping bag made of non-renewable material (the tax is payable by the importers or manufacturers of these bags).

  • To register obligated persons and collect the licence fees from their members
  • To take over responsibility for recovery and recycling targets of packaging waste
  • To organize an integrated waste management system at the national level for all types of packaging. To develop the industrial scheme (packaging waste coming from companies) and to take a direct part in projects with the local authorities in order to develop the local scheme (packaging waste coming from households).
  • To report to competent authorities on the achievement of the legal objectives of their members
  • To provide financial and technical support to municipalities
  • To stimulate the selective collection and recycling of packaging waste through communication campaigns
  • To partially finance the cost of collection

Government Emergency Ordinance 196/2005 updated
Government Decision no. 621/2005 on Packaging and Packaging Waste, as amended by Government Decision no. 1872 of 21 December 2006 and Government Decision no. 247 of 17 March 2011
Ordinance no. 927/2005 of 6 October 2005 on reporting procedures relating to packaging and packaging waste
Ordinances no. 549 of 5 June 2006 and no. 578 of 6 June 2006 on payments to the Environmental Protection Fund, as amended by Order no. 25 of 27 August 2008, Order no. 1607 of 17 December 2008 and Order no. 1032 of 10 March 2011
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